5 Reasons To Make A Micro Budget Feature Film

Sep 17, 2022

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In today's issue, I'm going to give you 5 reasons to make a micro-budget feature film.

There is no better place to cut your teeth as a filmmaker than on a micro-budget film. The lessons, skills and knowledge you develop serve you for a lifetime. It's also the fastest and easiest way to guarantee you will make a feature film.

Now, let's dive in.

Protect your downside

Less private equity = less financial risk.

If you're self-financing the film, the less money you stand to lose the better. The same is true if you're raising from friends and family. By protecting the downside, you are also creating an opportunity for more upside.

You have a much better shot at profitability

Did your last film make money?

When you are raising finance for your next film, investors want to know if your films have made money. Here's an insight: your budget is irrelevant to them, so long as you generated a positive ROI. Make this a priority. 

You develop vital character traits

Resourcefulness, leadership, discipline, humility.

These are the vital character traits that you hone on your first feature film and take into your next one. And the only way to develop them is through action. You will develop resourcefulness due to the very nature of what you're trying to achieve. Leadership will come from your ability to motivate others to want to help you execute your vision. Discipline is required in order to stay focused and not get distracted by the opinions of others. And nothing will humble you like the experience of making a micro-budget film.

Get outside your comfort zone

It's easy to write and produce a million dollar film.

It's much harder to make a micro-budget film. Which is exactly why you should do it. It forces you to stretch your imagination, creativity, problem solving and decision making. And it's that stretching that leads to growth. Every film should be a new challenge, creatively and commercially. 

It's easiest to finance


The less money you need to raise, the easier it is to raise it. When making films is a priority, you are always looking for a clear pathway to finance. The clearest path is the path of least resistance. I hope you take it.

OK, that's it for today. 

I hope you enjoyed it.

See you again next week.

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